Five Reasons To Fall In Love With Lobster On Valentine’s Day

Cooked lobster on plate

Call me sentimental, but I love Valentine’s Day.  From the pastel-colored candy hearts and saccharine card exchanges of my youth to the roses, romantic dinners and chocolate indulgences of adulthood.  I have even gone so far as to celebrate the 14th of February in Paris on several occasions.

More recently, I have enjoyed researching the role lobster plays in this love-filled holiday and experimenting with ideal dishes to serve on special occasions.  Below are five reasons I think you should fall in love with lobster on the 14th.

1. Lobster is considered the ultimate romantic dinner.  A recent survey by Harris Interactive found that Americans would choose lobster over any other food as the ultimate meal for a marriage proposal. More than two in five Americans consider crustaceans the most romantic food around.

2. Lobster is an aphrodisiac.  The meat of a lobster is rich in low-fat protein which naturally boosts levels of two brain chemicals, dopamine and norepinephrine, that heighten sensitivity.  Lobster is also full of zinc which is beneficial for boosting the male libido.

3. Cooking lobster as a couple can be a great bonding exercise.  If you’re looking for an evening of quality time together that will get your pulse racing, don’t head out to see Fifty Shades of Grey, head to the kitchen and attempt cooking Julia Child’s lobster bisque.  The effort is a labor of love, requiring teamwork, patience and real fire (flambéing lobster is a truly exhilarating exercise).

4. If you aren’t up to a three plus hour cooking extravaganza, there are many other indulgent lobster dishes that are perfect for a special occasion. Lobster thermidor, lobster ravioli and lobster newburg are other lush options to enjoy in a restaurant or to cook and serve at home.

5. Finally, lobster pairs perfectly with another top Valentine’s Day delicacy, champagne. The delicate bubbles balance perfectly with the tender texture of lobster. I recently asked a champagne specialist from Moët Hennessy for pairing recommendations for my favorite lobster dishes and have shared that pairing advice here.

Have a brilliant February 14th, no matter how you spend it.  And let me know if you spend it with lobster!

Christina Lemieux

About Christina Lemieux

Christina Lemieux Oragano grew up in Cutler, Maine, where her family have been in the lobster industry for four generations. She worked as a stern'man' on her father's boat for ten summers before graduating from college and beginning a career in advertising. While her job has taken her from Maine to San Francisco, New York and then to London, she has remained committed and connected to the Maine lobster industry. Her blogging, book writing, and experimentation with lobster recipes are testimony to her devotion to America's favorite crustacean.