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Is Lobster Still A Luxury?

Claridges Lobster Entree

If you know a bit about the history of lobster, you likely know that lobster has not always been considered a luxury item. Back in the 1600s, lobsters were so abundant they would wash up on beaches. Considered to be ‘poor man’s food,’ lobster was often fed to prisoners and indentured servants by European colonists. […]

Don’t say ‘pig’ on boat…and 4 other odd lobster fishing superstitions.

Lobster Fisherman Oil Skins

Fishermen are known for their superstitions and lobster fishermen are no different from the rest. Maine lobster fishing superstitions differ from harbor to harbor but when I researched them for my book I found five common themes. 1. Some lobster fishermen won’t paint their boats blue, believing that a blue boat brings bad luck. 2. Other lobster fishermen won’t […]

Five Reasons To Fall In Love With Lobster On Valentine’s Day

Cooked lobster on plate

Call me sentimental, but I love Valentine’s Day.  From the pastel-colored candy hearts and saccharine card exchanges of my youth to the roses, romantic dinners and chocolate indulgences of adulthood.  I have even gone so far as to celebrate the 14th of February in Paris on several occasions. More recently, I have enjoyed researching the role lobster plays in […]