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55,000 ‘Christmas lobsters’ sold in a single week at U.K. grocery store. But what does it mean for the Maine lobster industry?

lidl canadian christmas lobster

‘Tis the season for shopping and in England lobster is flying off supermarket shelves. Industry expert, The Grocer, has forecast that this Christmas lobster could be more popular than turkey in the UK. And Brits certainly have been splashing out on seafood over the last several weeks. When UK Supermarket Lidl starting promoting their ‘Christmas […]

Is Lobster Still A Luxury?

Claridges Lobster Entree

If you know a bit about the history of lobster, you likely know that lobster has not always been considered a luxury item. Back in the 1600s, lobsters were so abundant they would wash up on beaches. Considered to be ‘poor man’s food,’ lobster was often fed to prisoners and indentured servants by European colonists. […]

What’s the craziest question YOU’VE been asked about lobster fishing?

Lobster Fisherman Oil Skins

Maine is a unique state.  Lobster fishing is a unique occupation.  In the summer months, tourists flock to Vacationland, eager to eat lobster in the rough and learn about our way of life. I grew up working as a sternman on my father’s lobster boat and conversations with tourists were a common and often entertaining addition to the […]

Earth Day. A Time To Be Proud Of The Maine Lobster Industry

  Today is Earth Day.  A time to reflect on the health of world.  Many of the day’s headlines will focus on the need to tackle climate change and protect endangered species.  But Earth Day is also an opportunity to celebrate examples of successful management of our precious natural resources. The Maine lobster industry is one such […]